camara oscura ha creado una colección con las obras más significativas de artistas de la galería que ha producido en ediciones limitadas, numeradas y firmadas por el artista. De esta manera ponemos al alcance de todos unas fotografías de gran calidad pertenecientes a artistas emergentes con una prometedora proyección y que participan con la galería en ferias nacionales e internacionales de gran prestigio.

Now buying quality photographs is made possible. Original art made by young and well-known photographers at affordable prices. Have you ever thought of displaying in your own house the work of artists already being exhibited at some of the most important museums and collections worldwide?

All the prints are sold with the frame included in the price, fuss free. You just have to find a place at your house and hang it. Mounting and framing are made with high-quality archival materials. If you need a special framing just let us know.

camara oscura intends to promote the purchase of art by helping out young collectors to start their collections. Therefore we have affordable prices and also payments can be made in several instalments. This payment scheme is also applicable to the rest of artworks on sale at the gallery. Please contact us to agree the most convenient way to customise your purchase.

To find out more just contact us (+34) 91 429 17 34 or info@camaraoscura.net